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Gifts from God with Andrea and Nancy

In this show Andrea and Nancy explore the Gifts of God that are presented before us and change the direction of life in unexpected ways.

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Dec 29, 2021

What a wonderful interview! Nancy my journey is astoundingly similar to yours; I also discovered Vardankar via the beloved Dr. Robert Morse. I somehow discovered the Dr. and fell in love with his spiritual discussions, because of him I came across eckankar and ordered the Paul Twitchel book, "eckankar" and could not put the book down, I was enthralled with the teaching. I began to look into eck and almost became a member but when I watched the leader of ecks videos, it just didn't settle with me, but I was going to join anyhow because of Paul Twitchel. Fortunately just before I signed up, I discovered Alanji's videos and instantly KNEW this was my path and signed up …


Dec 27, 2021

I like what you said about the VARDAN being powerful and limitless. One blessing can become many. . . encouraging talk indeed, thank you.

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