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Secrets of Ancient Atlantis Pt 1 - The Golden Cycle

Updated: Jul 25, 2020

An intriguing akashic records and soul records look into the technologically Advanced Atlantis Civilization during its golden cycle and beyond.

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Those in charge of history in today's world tell us Atlantis is some fictional island that never existed so hearing Allenji bring up details about how this advanced society lived was very interesting to hear. There seems to be some similarities with the events during the downfall of Atlantis and what is going on in today's world as if history is repeating itself once again.


Jul 15, 2020

I could listen to you and Allenji all day long! Thank you for the interesting information, the whole topic dealing with Atlantis, Aliens and all things esoteric and spiritual are so very interesting. Of course transcending the reincarnation trap and escaping from it is the most interesting of all... Thank you


Really enjoyed listening to this show. Revealing and thought provoking!

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