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Secrets of Ancient Atlantis Pt 2 The Dark Cycle

Updated: Jul 25, 2020

.Secrets of Ancient Atlantis and How It Affects Us Today is part 2 beginning with the dark cycle in an intriguing Akashic Records and Soul Records reading of Ancient Atlantis.

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3 commentaires

A must listen for those people who are feeling concerned about today's world events. This podcast might just be what you need to hear in getting a broader perspective and understanding how our world actually operates over the long term. Nothing new under the sun! seems so true. In my opinion, the techniques used by the black magicians in the Atlanteon government sure seems eerily similar to what I'm seeing being used today on the population. I guess we could all take he experience of Atlantis as a warning as to what could happen in the future if people stay unconscious of this history.


Thank you so much for another amazing talk!!! I am beyond grateful to have found you and Allenji, you guys are the most inspiring, amazing and heartening souls that anyone could possibly meet!!


09 juil. 2020

Love your new radio show, absolutely fantastic content! Thank you!!

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